Bad Spuds

Bad Spuds

There are many good things to consider when gardening comes into your life. The fresh air; exercise; the huge pleasure from providing  sustenance for your family; the desire to make your shed a second home; a cold and calculated need to kill everything which dares enter your precious plot….the list goes on.

There is a dark down side and that is when it doesn’t go to plan. This afternoon I dug up all my maincrop (“choose Sante- blight free!” trilled the promotional blurb in the catalogue) with the intention of storing the three sacks in a cool dark corner to sustain the Vole family well through the winter.

The advertising blurb was right. The blight didn’t affect the crop but virtually everything else did. Hideous small creatures popped out of beautifully drilled holes in every second spud to say hello; some were mouldy; many were green; others well…simply didn’t look particularly pleasant.

I spend hours in the garden. I LOVE it. But I was disappointed to discard much of the produce I had grown. So instead of chips, mash and bakers every night until March we should be through them with a couple of family size cottage pies.

Sometimes I feel like paving over the garden. Today is one of those days. I am sure it will pass. 

Good Spuds

Good Spuds


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