Peace In a Pod

The 'space to think' pod

The 'space to think' pod

Started life today as a part time ‘academic tutor’ in the media department of that pleasant and ambitious seat of learning the University of Sunderland. All talk among the students was of the former canteen, now a very modern and sleek study area. Taking pride of place is a pod where individuals or small cabals of students, tutors, whoever…can gather for conversation, reflection and contemplation. Those passing can see them but not hear them. The students I talked to don’t seem to ‘get it’. Perhaps with time it’ll grow on them.

First lecture went well….if you like peace and quiet. Dut to an… erm…. ‘timetable glitch’ I was left on my own.


Was It Something I Said?

Was It Something I Said?

The second session had a full attendance and they look a promising bunch. And that was just for turning up. 
Had an egg roll for lunch. The new cafe gets off to good start.

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