Help Needed To Build Global Recycling Picture Gallery

A favour….. I’m doing an MA at Teesside University. One of our modules is on ‘digital storytelling’ and we have decided to build a website on recycling (a big issue in this part of the world). As part of our website I’d like to pull together an international  recycling picture gallery….with people from across the globe standing by their wheelie bin/recycling boxes with a decent local background (not the inside of the garage!). Maybe your street or outside your house? Not fussed about the pose or standing/kneeling etc. Please send me a couple of jpegs plus a very brief idea of what you recycle and when to my home email address ( It is important I get examples from foreign climes. The more bizarre the better. Can you help or any contacts? If you could manage this I’d be very grateful. If this works it’ll look great.  Any probs you know where to find me. Thankyou.  PS I’m thinking of giving a prize for the photo with the most empty wine bottles!


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