A Very ‘Social Media’ Social


You’re either into staff parties or you’re not. All that jealousy, bitchiness and simmering resentment, mixed with enough Breezers to sink a ship and the faint possibility of a stolen moment behind the wheelie bins, sometimes even with your partner. A heady cocktail to be sure and not for the faint hearted. 

 I could be described as something of a social butterfly who would quite happily go to the opening of an envelope so when I received an invitation to Border TV’s reunion there was no holding me back.

Planning was meticulous. After all this was no official company organised function with invites on corporate paper popped into pigeon holes.This was organised by the staff, for the staff. Social media played a part with Livvy and Jean relying on Facebook as the catalyst and method of communication to ensure ex staff scattered around the globe were given an opportunity to come along and join in the fun.

For some the chance to be reunited with colleagues they had not seen for years was a daunting one. Personal circumstances dictated  dramatic changes to their life and I was blown away by the courage they showed to not only attend, but be front of house and proud of the journey they had taken.  It was quite humbling.

Right. That’s enough emotional claptrap. Let’s cut to the chase. Egos were left at the front door and not an angry word was spoken. I got delightfully tipsy, blethered all night, reminisced to anyone who would listen, and for a brief moment, we were all back together again under the same roof working for the company as the decades apart turned into minutes.  And yes it seemed we were all family. And for that reason its goes straight into my list of great nights out.  And that’s up against some pretty stiff opposition.

Normally you rely on hazy memories, stains on your tie, a missing sock, a black eye  and an empty wallet to realise how good a night was. However thanks to the internet photos were being distributed on Facebook within hours prompting more electronic interaction between long lost friends. It’s great to get back in touch with people you thought had gone forever.

I suspect Livvy and Jean and their army of volunteers and helpers probably intended the ‘do’ to be a one -off. But I can say that of the 227 people there I managed decent conversations with around a half.  By my reckoning that means we have to do it all again next year. Please find my cheque attached.


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