New Horizons

And so with a mix of anticipation, wind and excitement, I plunge headfirst into 2011.  How on earth can last year be topped?  Scoring a century; graduating with an MA; being diagnosed diabetic; losing all my main crop to blight; being responsible for the Glover household getting in most national newspapers… had the lot.  

So here are my resolutions* which I have pinned up on the noticeboard and intend to honour until the end of January at least.

I promise to keep buying newspapers.

I will not pay a subscription for a newspaper’s web content

I will continue to resist Apple’s quest for world domination

I will not buy one of Gregg’s delicious sausage rolls every time I walk past one of their shops

I will be civil to call centre staff in Delhi

I will try to keep drinking green tea even though it is revolting

I will be a good husband and father

Oh yes, and I will do my best to keep the family out of the tabloids.

Think that’s covered all bases.

 *subject to revision, often at short notice.


One thought on “New Horizons

  1. Great stuff, Andrew, and belated congratulations on the MA and the century!

    I’m with you on about half of those. I don’t drink green tea and we don’t have a handy Greggs. Mine were to stop drinking for a while and get back to the gym, but when your daughter stops over for a day between Toronto and Madrid with a bottle of fine Canadian wine (yes, such a thing does exist) what option do you have? I’ll start next week.

    All the best in 2011, it’s going to be a challenge


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