Disco Fever

Vole-ette doing his Wacko Jacko routine

Vole-ette doing his Wacko Jacko routine

The Vole clan has just returned from a weekend of partying linked to the 70th birthday of King Vole.

Friday was golf at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, better known as Hoylake where Tiger Woods triumphed in the Open in 2006. He had it easy that year. Conditions were interesting to say the least. The starter said the wind was ‘a wee bit brisk’ which must go down as the understatement of the day. It was the sort of wind where the middle aged have to stand leaning slightly into the gale while small children and the elderly run for cover. Fashion went out the window as the groups wiped the mould off ancient waterproofs and were reunited with long forgotten wooly hats that hadn’t seen the light of day for years. Suffice to say the usual eclectic clothing and explosion of colours which you can only get away with on a golf course dominated. We all looked like Albanian pimps. 

It was a gale. Simple as that. And boy was it hard work as the intrepid revellers (in our group’s case fortified by a decent Spey malt) plodded round the course doing our best to enjoy ourselves. And in a strange way we did. Vole- strengthened by the whisky- made a decent fist of it. And for someone who last hit a golf ball two and a half years earlier, it was to be a satisfying day.

Vole’s spectacular array of middle aged medical complaints surfaced but even they didn’t even spoil the moment. The pulled muscle in the arm will heal and the ‘morning after’ stiffness in neck/back/legs is a distant memory.

The main event of the weekend was a party in the clubhouse. Posh frocks, tuxedos and the whiff of expensive perfumes filled the air as King Vole gathered family and friends for a top night of good food, good wine, good music and good company. Vole-ette Junior ripped up the dancefloor with some Michael Jackson inspired moves and sated we all wended our way home after midnight.

A top night. Thankyou King and Queen Vole for hosting a very generous weekend.