Britain’s Got…..Wild Horses

Subo giving it laldie

Subo giving it laldie

I can’t get through the day without music. My station of choice is Planet Rock where poodle permed DJs delvier slabs of molten metal from their wheels of steel 24 hours a day. Fantastic.

However, in a radical departure from which I may never recover, I have heard a song this morning which I can happily predict will be a modern day classic. Susan Boyle’s cover of the Rolling Stones ‘Wild Horses’ is absolutely stunning. The debut single will be released in November and I forecast number one with a bullet.  

I never listen to a song two or three times in a row. Well apart from Pink Floyd’s awesome Comfortably Numb….but I am not ashamed to admit I’ve now heard  this five times in a row and counting. It really does take your breath away. In a good way.

I am not her agent and I am not mad.  She, on the other hand, may be crackers but  has the voice of an angel. Listen to it here: